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Guidelines for submissions to the Word & Image Interactions series published by Brill (Amsterdam/New York)

Initial inquiries should be sent to Véronique Plesch ( and should consist of a summary of the book (no more than two pages single-spaced) and a table of contents.

After consulting with the other series editors, Véronique will ask the author for the finished manuscript, or inform him/her of our decision not to go further.  Only finished manuscripts will be considered.

Based on the readers’ reports, the senior editors will make the decision to publish or not.

In cases of a positive decision, the author must produce a camera-ready copy in the format and style specified by Brill. The author MUST follow our guidelines and copy-editing is his/her responsibility. Manuscripts will not go to publication until the copy-editing is finished.

No subsidy is required, but the author will be responsible for any extra costs incurred, for example for color illustrations. There is no cost for black and white illustrations.

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